What are semi-cured nails? They’re a new type of gel nail sticker that comes partially cured and hardens under a UV light like salon-quality gel nails. (Please note that once hardened under the UV light the gel nail strip is still slightly flexible). There's no dry time, they are cheaper than visiting the salon and they're designed to flex and stretch to all nail shapes and sizes. 

How long do they last? When applied correctly each set lasts 2+ weeks. We advise prepping the nail before placing it on the gel nail sticker to ensure longevity and also recommend avoiding getting your nails/wraps wet 1-2 hours after applying as this can affect the adhesive. If you have "oily nails" or have previously had trouble with gel polish not lasting, these gel nail stickers may not last as long or may not be right for you!

Do they damage your nails? They're a far less damaging and healthier alternative to real liquid gel or nail polish. Please note that Nice and Nailed gel nail stickers contain the same ingredients as gel polish and may cause a reaction. While we do not recommend using these if you have an allergy to gel polish, if you decide to try Nice and Nailed gel wraps, please minimise your skin's contact with the stickers and seek medical attention for signs of a reaction.

What comes in the pack? Each pack comes with 20 wraps of varying sizes and a mini prep kit (a file, cuticle stick and alcohol prep pads) to help you prep your nails.

How do I store them? Store the gel nail strips in the original box and packaging and make sure to keep them out of sunlight as this can cause them to cure over time. 

Is the use of UV lamps safe? Yes, they are. All gel nail lamps release Ultraviolet-A (UVA) regardless of the type, however, skin damage and sunburn usually only occur with extensive exposure over a long period. Gel nail wraps decrease the time needed for them to set but we do recommend applying sunscreen to your hands and fingers 20 minutes before applying your gel wraps. Avoid getting sunscreen on your nails and just wipe them off with an alcohol wipe if you do.

How do you remove them? Nice and Nailed gel wraps can easily be removed by gently using the cuticle stick to lift around the gel nail sticker itself, lifting it from the nails. Adding some oil such as olive oil or vegetable oil under the wrap can help with removal too. Make sure to use your cuticle stick to lift some of the wrap so that the oil can reach the adhesive.

How long does shipping take? We do courier for all orders placed Monday - Thursday and your order should be with you within 1-3 days. If an order is placed on Friday or over the weekend then you will likely receive this Tuesday/Wednesday the following week. Please note: delivery to the South Island and Rural may take an extra day or 2.

All our gel nail stickers are Cruelty-free, Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly.