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Gel Nail Polish vs Gel Nail Stickers

You may be asking yourself, why gel nail stickers? What is wrong with regular gel nail polish and why should I change?

Well here are a few reasons why we think our Nice and Nailed Gel Nail Sticker are the best. 

💅🏼 Our gel nail stickers are partially/semi-cured gel but in a sticker form. They are just like a gel nail polish however you can get perfect crisp lines every-time. No mess getting polish all over your cuticles and skin, no streaky lines, our gel nail stickers are perfectly designed to fit the shape of the natural nail bed.

✨ 60 seconds - 90 seconds of total UV exposure per session. With regular gel polish you can expect to have your fingers under a UV light for 4+ minutes (usually a minute per layer). We like to reduced UV exposure as much as possible, plus this means your complete gel nail wrap manicure is a lot quicker than a regular gel nail polish manicure.  

🎨 You don’t need to be Picasso anymore to have a beautiful manicure! No need to worry if you aren’t creative or cannot be bothered scrolling 100s of pins on Pinterest for a design you like, we have 20+ beautiful designs available with new stock regularly coming in.

🧴 Experience quick and damage-free removal by using our Cuticle Oil or any cooking oil at home. No need for acetone soak off, ensuring minimal to no damage when removing your wraps.

They really are as easy as that. Simply Peel, File, Cure and Done. 

Check out out wraps here!

Lauren Xo

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